Omidyar Technology Ventures

We are an
entrepreneur's fund.

We look for founders pursuing bold, transformative
ideas in massive markets.

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Our Story

Omidyar Technology Ventures (“OTV”) is an early stage venture capital firm created and solely funded by Pierre Omidyar. A pioneer of the Internet, Pierre was one of the first to see its potential to offer people unparalleled access to information, opportunity, and tools to pursue their goals — this ultimately led to the creation of eBay, the world’s first online marketplace. Ever the entrepreneur, Pierre is driven by what could be, and passionate about investing in technology innovators.

At OTV, we cherish the opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs looking to solve big, meaningful problems. We look for founders with unique insights that give them clarity of purpose, courage and conviction enabling them to pursue their vision with a sense of inevitability.

We are committed to the success of the entrepreneurs we partner with — the ultimate measure of our success is their success. Our team brings a critical set of skills honed over decades of working with early and growth stage companies, and a unique network that spans industries, sectors and geographies.


Fortune favors entrepreneurs who are obsessed with a vision for transforming markets, and have the insights, drive and courage to make that vision a reality.

We strive to have a well thought out point of view, but always keep an open mind. No one has all the answers, so we focus on asking smart questions.

Being an entrepreneur is among the hardest and most stressful endeavors. We know what a difference it makes to have the right partner on your side.

We believe in being honest and direct and that candor is the bedrock of trust and effective collaboration.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. We focus on doing more and talking less.

Working with entrepreneurs is a privilege and we treat it as such.

Todor Tashev

Todor Tashev

Todor invests across a broad range of industries drawing on his extensive experience as an operator, investor and advisor to technology companies. He loves working with entrepreneurs tackling hard, meaningful problems.

Before launching Omidyar Technology Ventures with Pierre Omidyar (Founder of eBay), Todor was a Partner at Omidyar Network where he was responsible for the firm’s global technology investments. Prior to that, Todor led Tellme Networks’ mobile applications strategy establishing Tellme as the leader in the space. Todor began his investment career at JP Morgan where he made venture capital and private equity investments in technology, consumer products, and financial services companies.

Todor has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA in International Economics from Carleton University, Canada, and a Master of Laws degree (LLM) from Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).


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